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Summary of Key Collaboration Enablers

Here are a few collaboration enablers that appear to be among current industry best practices. The source articles provide a wealth of information on the success stories of organizations like 3M, Sony, and others.

Deploy a database of technical reports that can be accessed by anyone in the organization
Use employee-run technology events to create networking opportunities
Design open gathering spaces where people can congregate and share
Create technology summits and make them accessible by enabling remote participation
Create a “LinkedIn for scientists” for the R&D community
Share researchers across departments
Require collaboration and integrate it as a metric in performance evaluations
Allow employees to spend 15% of their time on projects they choose and allow them to work on outside projects
Create innovation funds for projects that don’t fit elsewhere
Collocate resources at critical junctures & enable easy access
Adopt spontaneous work styles. Use unified communications to enable spontaneous connections (IM for example). The key is immediate access versus needing to make appointments or schedule meetings.
Adopt social media-type communication tools like “fmyi”
Fit high-tech tools into product development. Examples: videoconferencing w/advanced design software; combine Cisco’s TelePresence with animation design tools; allow for design inputs and changes to be shared in real-time instead of in series – reduces cycle time in development
Give everyone access to high-end communication tools like Cisco’s TelePresence
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