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The Power of Social Networking, or, How Bad Sinuses Helped Me Land a Board Position

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

A few months ago, I decided to follow some marketing advice that I read a while back. The author said that our service providers like doctors, dentists, and others don’t know what kind of work we do unless we tell them.

I followed up diligently. I looked for my doctors and my dentist on Facebook. Much to my surprise, I found the doctor who performed my sinus surgery in 2008. My sinuses have never been better, by the way. Let me know if you need a referral :)

Anyway, this person had exactly four friends on FB at that time. And would you believe: I knew one of them! The guy I recognized worked with my cubicle mate at GE in 1984. He’s still there – of course it’s Lockheed Martin now.

1984. That was a lifetime ago! I still had a Who bumper sticker on my car! Probably still had the ticket stub from the 1982 concert at Rich Stadium…but I digress.

I contacted this former co-worker on FB and received a very enthusiastic response. In fact, he was so enthusiastic that he invited me to join the board of directors for a local nonprofit technology group (!

I never thought in all these forty-plus years of having lousy sinuses that my condition would lead to a board position. That’s the power of social networking.